BBC World Music Archive available online

The BBC’s archive of world music programs is being put up online, so listeners can go back to old programs and hear the music which was in some cases especially recorded for the shows.

It’s going to be quite a resource, and well worth visiting the BBC World Music site to delve around, you can select shows by country, and listen back to recordings from as far back as 1995.


6 music is reprieved

The BBC Trust has said that the case has ‘not been made’ for the closure of 6 music – which means, unless I am very much mistaken, that they will not be axing the station. HOORAY!

Here’s an excerpt from the Trust’s press release:

The Trust concludes that, as things stand, the case has not been made for the closure of 6 Music. The Executive should draw up an overarching strategy for digital radio. If the Director General wanted to propose a different shape for the BBC’s music radio stations as part of a new strategy, the Trust would consider it. The Trust would consider a formal proposal for the closure of the Asian Network, although this must include a proposition for meeting the needs of the station’s audience in different ways.

I am sorry for the listeners of the Asian network though, but it seems like the very vocal support so many of us gave to 6 music has paid off. I have heard this heralded as a triumph of social media, and I think that’s not far from the truth – which, given the station is digital, is probably quite appropriate.

I am very pleased to hear this news – long live 6 music!!

6 Music petition – please sign it

I’ve written before about my great love for and enjoyment of BBC 6music, the radio station which is a cultural haven for discerning music lovers, and those who like to be challenged in their musical consumption.

As we heard the other day, the BBC thinks it would be better to axe it, and apparently the plan is to move the best of 6music over to Radio 2, which I think would be a disaster. The two stations are not comparable, and do not serve the same audience.

If you agree with me, perhaps you are one of the many new listeners to 6music who have just arrived having heard all the commotion, or perhaps you are one of the longer standing listeners, as am I, then please sign this petition, and tell the BBC what you think of their plans.