Answer 2 questions, and help me write 1 book

I’ve a plan – and I need your help with it.

For a while I’ve been talking about writing a book about Christian meditation, in fact I’ve already written some of it, and sent stuff off for publishers to have a look at.

But although lots of you have been interested in the idea of the book, which really comes out of some of the meditation workshops I’ve been doing over the last couple of years, and stuff prior to that too I suppose, I haven’t managed to convince any publishers to take a punt on it. I guess it is a bit of a niche publication.

So, given that I still want to produce the book, I’d like to enlist your help.

I have two potential routes to follow – 1) Publish it as an ebook – or series of mini ebooks. 2) Self publish as a ‘real book’ through crowd sourced funding.

Question 1)  Would you prefer to buy an ebook, or an ‘actual’ book?

Question 2)  If you would prefer an ‘actual’ book, would you be willing to buy your copy(ies) in advance?

Oh – you want to know more about the book? Ok – here’s a basic synopsis:

Deeper Still (working title) provides a much needed guide to a range of meditation practises found within the Christian traditions, and explains how to use different meditation techniques.

The book unpacks some of the background philosophy to these ‘types’ of meditation, and provides scripts and ideas for guided meditations, and inspiration for those who prefer something less formal.

It is a great companion for anyone interested in exploring Christian meditation, or deepening their current practise. It is based upon the idea that one size doesn’t fit all, but one size fits you.

So, if  your still interested, and your answer to question 2 is ‘yes’  I think I’d be up for attempting to get crowd funding for a publication. It would work thus: I work out the cost of producing the book, and when enough people have committed to advance purchase or donation towards the project, we get it printed up.

Either way, whether we go for a ‘real book’ or an ebook,  the fun thing about this project for me, is that I can see potential for others to have input into the creation of it – in terms of helping shape the content a bit (tell me what you want chapters on, etc etc), helping with the editing process, creating/choosing the cover image, choosing the title and so on.

The crowd sourced funding thing has worked well for numerous well known musicians, who have released albums by raising the funds in the same way. There are lots of crowd funding sites which allow you to do this with relevant security in place.

So, please let others know if you think they’d be interested, and hit me up with comments, FB comments, tweets, DM’s, email, or whatever suits you – to let me know your opinion.

And yes, thanks for asking – my other book is still available in paper and electronic format, from places like Amazon and Eden, you can read a little bit more about it here .


Enneagram workshop – coming up from Emmaus Encounters

As part of my Emmaus Encounters spirituality project, I’ve arranged an Enneagram Workshop.

If you live in the general area of North East Lincolnshire, and are interested in finding out how ancient spirituality teaching can help you with your life today – you should definitely come along.

September 24th, 9.30 – 4.00pm, St Michael’s Church, Great Coates Rd, Grimsby.

Cost is £15.00. The event will only go ahead if enough people book, so get in touch to avoid disappointment.

Don’t know what the Enneagram is, or why it would be useful for you? You might find this helpful.

Interested in coming along? Book here (or get in touch with me direct.)

Want to sign up to receive Emmaus Encounters news updates? Do it here.

see ya later suckers

there wont be any blogging here for a few days, we’re off on the train to France tomorrow – for a spot of holidaying.Train to London, Eurostar and TGV were the greenest (and cheapest) way we could find of having a family friendly sunshine filled holiday in a foreign country, if you have any suggestions for another realistic option, please leave them in the comments.

In between now and then I have quite a bit to do, so I’d better get on with really.

Just in case you’re interested, I’ve made over the Emmaus Encounters site, and it’s now looking a lot better than it was. Still have to populate the content side of things somewhat, but it’s in much better shape looks-wise.

So anyway, better get on with it, after all I’m reliably informed that there’s another rapture on its way.

24 hour meditation and quietness retreat

I’ve just set the date for a 24 hour meditation and quietness retreat, which will be taking place at the Endsleigh centre, a former convent in Hull, in November.

If you’re interested in joining us for a very peaceful time at the beautiful Endsleigh centre, then do let me know. Even better, you can book straightaway here.

I’ll be posting more info about the event on the Emmaus Encounters website soon, but if you want to beat the rush, then get your tickets now and make sure you’ve got a place.

The rooms are ensuite, the event is fully catered, it’s a peaceful location with lots of chance for peace and quiet, including a labyrinth and prayer tree.

We’ll be offering a group meditation workshop as part of it, and all in all should be a great time.

Today I’ve mostly been mucking around on the computer

I’ve been working on my new ‘emmaus encounters‘ project, its all been a bit multimedia-mongous today. One thing I did, was the thing I said I wouldn’t do… I  signed up for twitter again – if you want to, you can follow me at @numonastic. Don’t expect anything hugely amazing or entertaining at this stage, it’s all part of the development of a combined strategy for networking and promoting the various workshops and so on that we’ve got planned.

At the moment there are two workshops advertised on the site, one of which I mentioned here the other day, the other one is part of a UK tour that Nicholas Vesey of Norwich Meditation Centre is doing, to promote his book, which is named after the course ‘developing consciousness‘ that he runs. It looks like a good read. There are a couple more in the pipeline, including one on the Enneagram – and  I have another two larger scale things coming along too. All in all, it’s looking quite promising.

I’ve also been busy creating a new mailing list with Mail Chimp – I’ve never used it before, and have to admit to having been a bit grumpy about it before hand, but now I know how well it works, I must say I’m impressed. Takes an age to create the list though, or at least it does if you have a pre-existing list of any size.

And if that isnt enough to keep me occupied, I’ve got a school drama club ‘mime assembly’ to sort out. Yikes. Oh… and a labyrinth.

Did you believe in Jebus?

It was great to meet some wonderful people over the weekend, many of whome came along to my seminar about Jebus. Because of the interesting way the conference is structured I repeated the seminar three times, and each time we had a great crowd and a whole different set of discussions. Topics covered included: the rights and wrongs of voluntary poverty, why it should be harder to become a Christian, why we should or shouldnt give up on the established church, and a whole lot more. Very good stuff indeed.

I even managed to sell all the books I took with me, which just about covered my own conference fee! Marvellous.I also sold some CD’s of recorded scripture readings which are to be used in meditation. These are part of a new venture I am working on called Emmaus Encounters, I’ve started building a website here. It will be finished sometime before too long.

I had to laugh when someone asked if ‘as a speaker’ I was in a nice, ensuite room – just goes to show how little they understood about our movement. We dont really distinguish between speakers and cleaners (not that I was a speaker in any case) we all pay the same, we all get the same, whether we’re going to speak, to make the coffee, or to listen. There’s a rightness in that.

That said, I was fortunate enough to get a room to myself, not because of my exalted (ha ha) status, but because the person I was to have shared with decided to bring his wife at the last minute. Just as well for him really as I was in bed late and up early every day. A good time was had by all I hope.

If I met you at the conference, then welcome to the blog – this is home to my ramblings, and perhaps some statements which are about as provocative as those I made in the seminars. I do like to get a bit of discussion going.

Some people asked me if the seminar material may form the basis of my next book, well that’s something I’m wondering about too. I’ll let you know.

If you’re here looking for ideas concerning exploring spirituality with young and/or unchurched people – then do have a nose around on the site, you may find some stuff, and also look out, I’ll be back soon with some links for you.

If you’re here because you’re considering inviting us to come and facilitate some kind of training, seminar or other such event – then please be advised I expect ensuite rooms and breakfast served by a butler! LOL.