Intentional Community in East Kent

My good friend Joe is looking at setting up some kind of intentional community in East Kent where he lives. If you’re interested, intrigued, suspicious, or have anything to say about such an idea, I’m sure he’d be pleased to hear from you.


Joe Blogs

My friend Joe blogs.

I suggested ages ago that he should call his blog ‘Joe Blogs’. He didnt, he should have. It’s his own loss.

But the blog he writes these days is pretty darn good- notwithstanding the fact that he has chosen to ignore the best name he could ever have expected to have handed to him on a plate!

His blog is called ‘The Theology of Joe‘ – which is waaaaay less snappy. But at least it does what it says on the tin. Well worth bunging in your reader, or stopping by when you are in blog reading mode.

He wrote yesterday about metaphysical Islam for pity’s sake – now how many people out there are blogging that stuff? Not enough. Check it out!

DFID lying about Sri Lanka?

Are DFID, the government department for International Development, telling fibs about how much money has been put into Sri Lanka? That is how it seems, following the FOI requests submitted by Joe Turner.

Responding to his request to know exactly how much had been spent by the end of December 2009, the year in which Douglas Alexander had publicly claimed they had given £12.5 million, the department wrote to say that the amount actually came to £9.81 million, a sizeable sum, but more than two million quid short!

See a copy of the response here on Joe’s blog.

Seems like somebody at DFID isnt getting their facts right…