This book is my exploration of the ‘new monasticism’ I found growing in the UK. A bit like mushrooms, new monastic communities are found in strange places, often places where you wouldn’t think to look. They can also look a bit strange, but they can also taste wonderful.

If you are interested in community, spirituality, radical lifestyles and/or reclaiming that which has been almost forgotten, this is a book for you.

‘Every few hundred years, it seems that the Church gets infected by the world around us and we forget who we are called to be.

And every few hundred years, there are folks on the fringes of the faith who hear a whisper to leave the materialism and militarism and all the clutter of the culture… and to go to the margins, and the desert and the abandoned places to rethink what it means to be Christian.

Here is another piece of evidence that there is a movement once again hearing the ancient whisper of God to repair the Church which is in ruins.’
Shane Claiborne.


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